Goal Not Met

July 29, 2013 Monday

What do you do in your first day in Nashville? What are the priorities? See the Antique Archeology shop, of course! The google maps app is great for this sort of thing. The store was smaller than I expected, but otherwise, exactly what you would expect. A lot of motorcycle stuff and bicycles. Lots of Antique Archeology souvenirs.


After dispatching that top-priority item, we decided to try to find out what the heck the “Grand Ol’ Opry” is. I am embarrassed to admit that I am mystified about this. Everyone, and I mean everyone, takes it for granted that everyone knows about the Grand Ol’ Opry. I don’t. I’m serious. I don’t (didn’t) know what the heck it is! We decided that our first stab at this would be to visit another free venue: the Opryland Resort and Conference Center. Several people, including my own dear mother, have told us that we must visit this place. We decided that before we start spending money on places, we would go to this resort, because you can visit it for free. Our first surprise was finding out that it was about a 15 minute drive outside of Nashville. Imagine our further surprise when we got there and discovered that we had a choice between valet parking and self-parking – at a cost of $20. What!? I wanted to visit something for free, and now it appeared that we had driven all the way out there for naught. With help from google maps, we found our way to a very large, free parking area, behind the conference center. The resort and conference center is pretty impressive, but I still didn’t find out much about the Grand Ol’ Opry. I guess sometimes you try to learn something new, but you fall a little short.


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