Back to School?

August 28, 2013 Wednesday

Some of my readers already know that my writing of this blog is a Sabbatical project for me. I’ve been trying to figure out when my Sabbatical actually begins. You know – the transition from summer to Sabbatical. I don’t teach in the summer, and I don’t have to teach during my Sabbatical. So when does summer end and the Sabbatical begin? Normally, late in August, my summer starts to end when I have to report for the first day of teachers’ meetings. By that standard, today would be the day. Today was the day all my colleagues had to report to work for the first teachers’ meetings of the year. I wasn’t there. So, by that measure we would have to say that the Sabbatical began today. However, classes begin next week. That’s when my summer actually comes to a screeching halt. So, by that measure, we could say that the Sabbatical begins next week. Isn’t it interesting how a simple question can become cloudy when you start considering how to define basic words?


In any event, it’s actually a pretty strange (but pretty wonderful) feeling. I’ve always gotten a thrill about the opening of a school year. I’ve always considered it a privilege to be a teacher and to be allowed to be a part of a school’s faculty. Even though there are times, I confess, when I am cynical and frustrated about the seeming waste of time some of these meetings can be, I still retain that thrill about being a part of something so exciting. So this year is especially weird. I am still privileged to be a part of a great faculty, but I am excused from having to attend. It seems like a blessing on top of a blessing.  (A blessing squared?)


When the Sabbatical actually begins, I will have to take myself, my blogging, and my activities much more seriously. No more fun and games. No joking around. No wasting time. Really. I mean that.


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