No More Fun and Games

September 4, 2013 Wednesday

So there is now no doubt about it at all. There is no way that ambiguity can cloud the issue. No matter how you look at it, I am now on Sabbatical. Classes have begun, and the first session of the class I “always” teach has occurred without me. So, I abruptly transition from this:


To this:


(Note the hat.)

In this photo I am completing an online search of academic databases to find research on blogging in education. One of the things I found was McGrail, E., and Davis, A. (2011) The influence of classroom blogging on student writing. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 25: 415-437. One of the findings was that the presence of an authentic, “live” audience gives fifth-graders better motivation to write. Also, participating in a reader-writer relationship, as can occur with blogging, has a positive impact on children’s writing. This made me more aware that as a blogger, I want to develop a relationship with my readers. I want this blog to be a give-and-take project. The title is “Learn with me” not “Learn from me.” According to what I’ve been reading on WordPress’ own help and tips, one way to do that is for the blogger to pose questions on the blog so that readers will participate. Have you noticed that I started doing that a few posts ago?

So let me put this question to my readers: What advice do you have for me about how I can engage my readers more in the give-and-take that I want? Should I post controversial things to provoke reactions? Should I say things every day like, “Please respond to my questions; I need your participation.”? By the way – here’s a question for my grammarian daughter: Where should the question mark go in that last sentence?


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