Fifty Years

Later this month you’ll be able to follow our travels as E and I visit places that have significant history in the Civil Rights struggle of the 1950’s and 1960’s. We’ll be visiting Memphis, Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Washington DC, and I will be blogging the whole trip. Of course, we’ll be visiting museums and the like, but it is the people, more than anything that made this a significant moment in history. Therefore, I have been interested in finding and talking with people who participated in marches, sit-ins, voter registration drives, and so on. I would like to be able to interview people and hear their stories. I think this would be a living and meaningful way to learn. I have located a website that is a repository of information about veterans of the Civil Rights movement. Created and maintained by Bruce Hartford, Civil Rights Movement Veterans is an amazing, well-organized, helpful source of information. Today I was excited to learn that this website includes a “Speakers’ List,” organized by state and city. It looks like this speakers’ list will provide me with a way to arrange for the interviews that I have been hoping for.


What would you do if you wanted to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement? Would you want to talk with “veterans?” How would you locate them? Are there places that you would want to visit and see firsthand? Help us plan our trip. (For those who have been unable to figure out how to comment, click on theImage  at the top of the page.)


Careful readers will note that beginning with today’s entry there is no longer a discrepancy between the date I’m writing and the day I’m posting. (See original explanation on my “Travel” post from August 19.) The training wheels have been removed. I’m now blogging “live and in person.”


3 thoughts on “Fifty Years

  1. Check out the movie “42”.The Jackie Robinson story.The prejudice that he endured surely was in the South(hence some of the places you are going),but surprisingly to me it was very much present in the East as well.

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