Today is T-minus 1. Tomorrow we leave on our Roadtrip. Wednesday night we’ll be staying with friends in Chippewa, PA. It will take us two days to get to our first targeted location (Memphis). We’ll spend two days and a part of a day in Memphis. We’ll be seeing the National Civil Rights Museum. We’ll also be exploring the musical history that’s to be found in this city of the blues. Of course, BBQ is on our agenda as well. After Memphis, we’ll be spending a few days in Birmingham with a day trip to Selma. I expect a lot of tears and anger will surface while there. We’ve built a day or two of “flex time” into the itinerary at that point. I’ll need some devoted time for writing at that point. After Montgomery, we’ll spend some time with family in Rome, GA. I’m still hoping to connect with a Civil Rights Veteran while in Rome. There will be one or two day trips to Atlanta. I’ll be interviewing a Civil Rights Veteran while there. Of course, we’ll see the King Center in Atlanta. From Atlanta we move on to Raleigh, NC, where we’ll be staying with family and with old friends. We plan a day trip to Greensboro. We also plan to visit Shaw University and St. Augustine University. After Raleigh, on our way to Washington, DC, we’ll spend some time at the Moton Museum to learn more about one of the five cases that became the Supreme Court case, Brown v Board of Education. In Washington DC, our agenda is still evolving, but we’ll visit the Smithsonian and the King Memorial, at the very least.


That’s the plan. What are we missing? What should we be sure to see and do while we’re on this journey?

One thought on “Plans

  1. God’s blessings upon you as you travel.I look forward to reading all about it.A visit to the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta is a good thing to do.At the end,you may taste around 40 different flavors of Coke, each formulated for the particular culture they are marketed in.The difference in flavors is amazing.

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