Time Out!

One of the nice things about a Sabbatical is that I can re-arrange my schedule as needed without having to worry about an official work schedule. Our original plans had us heading for Florida’s Emerald Coast for the day on Saturday. But with tropical storm Karen churning in the Gulf of Mexico, the weather forecast for Saturday is pretty dicey. So, we re-arranged our schedule and drove down to the coast today. Tomorrow we’ll go back to Montgomery and finish our business there.


So, today was a day “off” from the Civil Rights tour, and a day to experience nature in a new way. Even though the storm is still hundreds of miles away, the surf here in Fort Walton Beach was impressive. These are probably the biggest waves I’ve ever seen and experienced. There were quite a few surfers out taking advantage of it. Before I headed into the water myself, I asked a local surfer about the conditions. I wanted to know just how safe or unsafe it was. There were warnings up about rip currents. He showed me what to look for in the surf to detect the direction the waters are moving. He told me that the only real danger is that the water can move you quickly from a shallow place to a deep place. If you’re a strong swimmer there’s not much danger, he said.



He didn’t mention anything about the jellyfish…


We stayed as long as we could, which was about sunset time:



4 thoughts on “Time Out!

    • No; we saw several jellyfish up on the sand. One of them was really big. Just knowing that they were there, after having seen them on the sand, was just a bit creepy.

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