A Day Without Civil Rights Writing

This post could just as easily have been called “Reflecting on Reflecting.”

This blog is devoted to daily learning. It began before the Civil Rights trip, and it will continue after the trip ends. Part of the overall project is for me to learn about the process of writing a blog.

Waking up every day, knowing that I was going to have to share something that I had learned that day, in a public space, has been … interesting. Just like any other daily discipline, the sheer daily-ness of it has been effective. If you exercise any muscle on a daily basis, you’ll see results. The exercise of daily writing, for a potential audience, has made me more conscious of looking for things to write about. It has made me look for something worth sharing each day. Since the stated focus of the blog is daily learning, it has made me more intentional about seeking to learn something each day. I have grown, simply as a result of this focus.

Just imagine if everyone were to do this. Imagine the learning that could occur. Maybe we should start a movement: the Daily Learning Movement. Since I am, with almost every fiber of my being, a teacher, I have been considering ways to use the power of this daily exercise in my teaching. I think that there is tremendous potential here. I’m not sure exactly how I will use it, but I am working on that. “What did you learn today?” is a question that I need to be asking my students to respond to. It is a question I will ask you, my reader, to consider as well. What have you learned today? Try it. Write a comment here to tell us about it. Maybe you should start your own blog. 🙂 I’d read it!


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