Simple Gifts

Coming home from a long journey usually brings mixed feelings. There’s, of course, the disappointment that the travels are over. On the other hand, there’s no place like home. On returning from any journey, to any place in this country, I have yet to be disappointed by the landscapes and scenery here in western NY. Here is what I mean:






This last picture, the yellow-leaved tree, is a hickory. The ground beneath it was littered with nuts, so we decided to bring a bunch of them home to see if they were good for eating. I’ve gathered shagbark hickory nuts several times before, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to try some “regular?” hickories. 



A little research leads me to believe that this variety is what is known as “Pignut” Hickory. I’ve been opening them up, and they do have a nice, sweet, nutty taste. I’ve read that they are in the same family as pecans, so I’m thinking maybe we should try to make a pie out of them? It’s a lot of work to get the nutmeat out of these really hard shells, and each nut has only a small amount of meat.



But, with patience, and the right tools, the harvested product is accumulating nicely:



So, what should I do with them? Make a pie? Put them in cookies? On ice cream? What would you do with them?


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