Faring Well in DC

What’s that you say? What am I? Well, if you could read the fine print, you’d see that I’m a one-day FarePass for the Washington DC metrorail system, dated November 23, 2013.

I wonder what this fellow holding me is going to do with me. Whoa! here we go! He’s slipping me into the entry gate at the Rosslyn station!. Now he’s boarding the outbound train on the blue line! Wow; that was quick. He’s exiting already at the first stop. What is this? Oh, the Arlington Cemetery Station. I can’t really see much from inside his pocket, but I can infiltrate his cellphone camera on the way back to the station to see what he saw:





OK – back to the Rosslyn station. Now he’s with someone. I wonder where we’re going now. Back through the entry gate in Rosslyn. After a long ride, we’re exiting at the Eastern Market station. I heard them talking. It sounds like it’s a public market with a lot of foods and arts and crafts. It would be nice to be able to see it.

Well, that took a while. Now where are we going? Into the entry gate at Eastern Market and out at the Federal Triangle station. Isn’t that the one near the National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)? I heard that there is an exhibit in there about the March on Washington in August, 1963.

These people are museum hounds. They were in there for a couple of hours, and they only saw a couple of exhibits. They could probably spend all day in there. Maybe several days.

Now we’re on the move again. I wonder where we’re off to now. Oh, this is the Rosslyn station again. This must be where they’re staying or something. Well, they’ve changed their clothes, and now they’re going back to the station. What’s this, the third time today I’ve gone through this entry gate at Rosslyn? Now where to?

Oh, that was a really short ride! We’re in the Foggy Bottom/ GWU station now! And now we’re running to hop onto the free shuttle to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. Are they going to a show of some kind? Ah – it’s the free performance that is held at the Millennium Stage every evening at 6:00PM. I should have known. These folks seem like the last of the big spenders, if you know what I mean. I can’t see from inside his pocket, but I can hear. That’s some outstanding gospel music she’s singing. And that bluegrass band isn’t too bad either.


Now where to? It sounds like they’re going to stop for some Thai food before they get back on the train.

Back at the Foggy Bottom/GWU station now, and it looks like we’re heading back to Rosslyn again. Sure enough! How much of this running around can these two handle in one day? Wait, now he’s giving me away to someone. I guess he’s had enough for one day, but now, who knows where this new owner is going to take me?

That was a long day for that first owner. I wonder if he learned anything along the way?


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