Raleigh, NC

I’ve been doing some research about Raleigh, NC in relation to a project I’ve launched. There are a number of interesting things I’ve found out.

  • There was a very destructive hurricane, Hurricane Hazel, in Raleigh in 1954.
  • Research Triangle Park was established in 1959. That brought a significant population increase.
  • There have been several destructive tornadoes, even some as recently as a few years ago.
  • After the Voting Rights Act of 1964 voter registration among blacks in Raleigh soared, and the City elected North Carolina’s first black mayor, Clarence Lightner, in 1973.
  • Only 16% of the city’s voters were black, so Lightner was elected by both black and white voters.
  • Lightner had earlier (1967) been elected to City Council. The city had a politically-active and well-educated black middle class.

My astute readers may well ask, “What is this project that sparks an interest in Raleigh, NC?” All I can offer is, wait and see…

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