A Veteran and His Bride

I always seem to remember Pearl Harbor Day, even though it took place 12 years before I was born. Part of the reason I remember it is because of a young adult book that I read when I was in fifth grade. The book, We Were There at Pearl Harbor, written by Felix Sutton, made an indelible impression on me. The title is perfect. By reading the book I really did feel that I was there. It was a great way for a young boy to learn history.


The timing of Pearl Harbor Day this year is perfect for a learning opportunity for me. I am visiting with my parents, and my dad is a World War II veteran. He was not at Pearl Harbor, and he is very humble about his role in the war. He did not see combat, and he continually downplays his involvement. But the fact remains, that he served his country and contributed to the war effort by doing what he was called upon to do. I’m very proud of him.

I found out something interesting as I was asking my parents about their early lives together. My mom told me that the first time she saw my dad, he was asleep! What a memory!

Today my mom set up and decorated her Christmas tree. E put a lot of the ornaments on for her. It was interesting to watch, since last year E decorated our tree with help from two of our granddaughters.

While the women were working on the tree, I was helping my dad with his dulcimer. He started taking dulcimer lessons 2 or three years ago, and today he asked me if I could re-string his dulcimer for him. I thought maybe I could figure out how, since I’ve done it hundreds of times on my guitar.


I’m very thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with this World War II veteran and his bride.



2 thoughts on “A Veteran and His Bride

  1. I was blessed to gt the opportunity to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial when we were in Hawaii.It was a very moving experience,something I won’t soon forget.My bride got to meet,and pose for a pic with a surviving member of the Navy who was on ship that day.

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