Imitate, Emulate, Follow

“Be like me.”

Wouldn’t it be odd if someone made that suggestion to you? Would you follow their advice?

If you didn’t dismiss this advice out-of-hand, chances are you would examine that person’s life closely to see if they displayed traits you thought were worth emulating. In most cases, you’d probably find some aspects of their life that you thought would be worth emulating and other aspects that would be unworthy of imitation.

But what if you found someone whose life was completely worth emulating? What if everything they did and said was admirable? Everything.

Forty-one years ago I stumbled into such a person. I’ve been trying to imitate and emulate Him ever since.


What I’ve been realizing lately is that there is no bottom to the well. There is no limit to the wonderfulness of what this person is. It’s all good. Often he does things that I don’t understand. Sometimes the things that he does don’t seem to my mind to be all good. But, at those times I have to exercise logic (that’s right – logic – not faith), and realize that it would be inconsistent with his totally and consistently good record for him to do something that is not good.

When I have difficulty being the kind of person he wants me to be, I find even more reason to want to be like him. He doesn’t shove me away and insist that I shape up before continuing to show himself to me. He shows me friendship and warmth, even when I fail. This gives me even more reason to want to imitate him.

And I think this is the best kind of learning.

4 thoughts on “Imitate, Emulate, Follow

  1. Nice reading. I believe if you want somebody else to imitate you it means there may be something in him which comes out and inspires others’ way of lives. Be that as it may; as things stand that person may be having something; even in small measure which could stand the test of time and space then sure enough it may be good to emulate his ideas.

    I think if that person follows simple ideas; simple in life; simple in his idea projections; does not follow any negative traits; has remained free from any controversies; has not followed greed filled life; no lustful lifestyle; always remained away from MAYA FILLED life style. And to cap it all if that person is very near to ALMIGHTY GOD then surely he is a better candidate for following. Not in a showy biz type of life but just GOD ORIENTED LIFE.

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