An Insider’s View – But With a Caveat

Have you ever wondered what the everyday life of a professor is like?

What would it be like if there were a reporter present in your life all the time, and anything you said or did could end up appearing in the newspaper?




And yet, that’s not too unlike what could happen when there is a blogger in your midst all the time. As a blogger who is constantly asking himself, “What did I learn today? How can I share what I’ve learned today?” I find myself in a somewhat sticky situation, now that I’m back at work. The things I’m learning are now generally going to be happening in the context of work. But just because I’m engaged in a project of making my thoughts public, that doesn’t mean that I’m free to make public the things that happen at work. If my colleagues were to become concerned that anything they said could end up being reported in my blog, that would be horrible! I think it might be considered unethical for me to uncover my work environment and my colleagues in that way.


Therefore, I am committing myself to sharing what I’m learning – even if it concerns work-related learning – in a way that protects the people and the institution I work for. I have not identified the institution I work for, and I will not do so. I will never identify any of my colleagues. When I write about situations at work, I will be doing so in the most generic way possible.


So, welcome to my work life, but don’t think you’re going to get any corporate secrets!


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