A Need and An Answer

Before and after. -“The earth was without form, and void (Gen. 1:2a);  … and God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold [it was] very good.” (Gen. 1:31a).


When you are in need of something, whether it’s a physical need or something abstract, like an explanation, or a plan, you may be experiencing the “without form, and void” that’s expressed in Gen. 1:2a. When you’re in that place, you truly cannot grasp that thing that you need, because it truly does not yet exist for you. I’ve found myself many times in such a state of need. Most recently, I needed a plan (for a project at work.) For several months I’ve been aware of this need, and it didn’t seem to matter how much I thought about it, or worked on the problem, no plan emerged. Very frustrating. And even scary. There are consequences when you lack a plan.


So, as I’ve done so many times when in a similar place of need, I sought divine intervention. Nothing fancy. Just – “Help me! I need you here!” And not just once, but many times.


We were right down to the wire. I was out of time. Then it seemed that heaven opened and I began to see things. I spent several hours working out the form, but the work was relatively easy once I could see. In the end, I had my plan. And I felt that it was “very good.” I had gone from the Gen. 1:2a experience to the Gen. 1:31a experience.


Yesterday I began to put the plan out there for public comment and to begin implementation. It was fairly well-received. It’s not perfect, and there are going to be unforeseen obstacles that reveal the imperfections, but it’s a plan. It’s what I needed and it’s what I lacked for so long.


It always seems that after you’ve received what you were asking for it’s almost hard to remember how you felt when you were in such deep need. That’s how thoroughly the answer meets your need.


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