Is this a Travel Blog??

I’ve been exploring a ton of information about travel in Alaska in the past few days. This summer, E and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, and we are most likely going to travel to Alaska to mark the occasion. I am amazed at the range of options. I’m also amazed at the range of prices. The high end of what’s available is truly remarkable. I’ve found some cruise options that are in the range of $5K to even $7K per person! Holy smoked salmon, Batman! No, we’re not going to take one of those cruises.


We’re considering each of the following: a cruise along the Inside Passage, a motorhome rental and camping – north to Denali, a train excursion – either north to Denali or along the southwest coastal area, and/or staying in a lodge in a national park or two. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Image

There is just SO MUCH to consider. We know virtually nothing about Alaska, and before jumping into something like this we want to have some idea of what we’re getting into.


One of the options I’ve been exploring tonight is a 7-day cruise of the Inside Passage, leaving from and returning to Vancouver, followed by a 5-night stay at the Paradise Lodge in Mt. Rainier National Park. We figure if we’re going to fly all the way out there, we might as well add some touring of the region either before or after the Alaska trip. Image


So, I’m interested in any and all comments that would help us in selecting a great Alaska adventure. If you have ideas to share, why not leave a comment or send me an e-mail.


Oh, and this is the official announcement: for a couple of weeks at the end of June, this will once again become a travel blog!!! Tell your friends! Spread the word! Help me get a lot of new readers! People love to read about travel. I love to be able to write about travel.




One thought on “Is this a Travel Blog??

  1. Sounds exciting! That is one place I could never get your Dad to go – he hates cold and figures that no matter when you go it would be cold. I know several people who have gone to Alaska and have nothing but raves about it. One big thing would be getting to eat some of that wonderful salmon. Our good friends Polly and Harry even got to go fishing for them and showed us some great videos of that adventure and all the salmon catch. There were also a lot of eagles in the video – they hung around the dock looking for castoff fish parts like the pelicans and seagulls here in Florida. I think Vancouver would be wonderful to see as well. Have fun with the research and planning.

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