Alaska or Bust

Well, my wife found out from some of her research that the town of Seward, AK is a “must-see.”


The cruises that I had been looking at did not go to Seward, so we’re back to an expanded set of questions and fewer answers. Also, I found out that Mt. Rainier is more than 4 hours drive from Vancouver, so the idea of going there for a few days after our cruise might be out as well. Taking that much time driving when you have so few days available seems sketchy. A few people have recommended salmon-fishing in Seward.


So now we’re thinking we may fly into Vancouver, take a one-way cruise that ends in Seward, then spend a few days in that southwestern coastal area of AK, and then fly home from Anchorage. It seems like a better idea to take a “one-way” cruise so that you aren’t spending precious time backtracking.

2 thoughts on “Alaska or Bust

  1. We have looked into Alaska next year for our 30th.Princess and Royal Caribbean are the best cruise lines for Alaska,as they specialize in the areas.Our travel agent here is the best.If you want to make the trek in to speak with her,I can give you here e mail.If you have someone you deal with,I suggest you get them to help you.I have been told by multiple people that the way to see Alaska is doing both a cruise AND land tour,but the land tour is the best for sure.

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