Maybe it Will be Bust (Instead of Alaska)

More learning about cruises today, and it’s not encouraging. First, in response to my brother-in-law’s comment about a travel agent’s help, I contacted a local travel agent today. The first thing she asked was, “Are you hoping to do this cruise this summer?” When I said yes, she said, “Well, that will be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. People plan cruises to Alaska a year in advance.”


The next thing I learned is that there are crushing, punitive taxes on these cruises. One of the ones I was researching online had a per-person ticket price of $600. The taxes on that were over $200. Does that seem right to you? Maybe it’s all part of the re-distibution thing that seems to be popular today. Still, it seems unfair.


So, I’m a little discouraged today.

One thought on “Maybe it Will be Bust (Instead of Alaska)

  1. Would you consider a different approach to travel to Alaska?

    There are some wonderful ministries that do work in that area.
    Would you consider looking into what they might be looking for and enlisting in the way of volunteers?

    One that is top on my list at the moment is done by Samaritan’s Purse (Franklin Graham, CEO) for wounded warriors to help put their marriages back together after the severity of post trauma on the front lines.

    Then there are groups like Chuck Swyndoll and David Jeremiah who take cruises with a Christ centered ministry onboard. I’ve heard one of those men is taking a cruise into the waters of Scandanavia this summer, advertised some months ago.

    Just a couple of thoughts to stimulate your thinking. I’m not quite sure how one would find that sort of thing, but ask the Lord how you might serve him together.

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