Do You Want to Vote?

OK – I’ve promised my readers a travel blog for the second half of June, and now there’s some doubt about whether I will be documenting an Alaskan cruise or something else. Having received a few alternative suggestions from my friend Shirley, I got the idea to open this up for suggestions. How would you like to weigh in on this one? Here are some possibilities if the cruise doesn’t materialize:

– fly to Anchorage and rent an RV to tour some parts of Alaska Image

– fly to Calgary and rent an RV to tour some of the Canadian Rockies National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise) Image

– fly to San Francisco and rent a car and visit some national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia) staying in hotels and lodges, and visit with some family and friends in the area

– fly to San Francisco and rent an RV to tour some of the national parks (same as above) Image



I’m actually not discouraged at all that our original plans may be changing. It’s exciting just to think about getting back into travel mode again. I enjoyed greatly my travel blogging in the fall, and this will be great whatever we do.


I have a few other possibilities for smaller adventures (sailing?, backpacking?) that I’m considering taking in late May while E is visiting with our daughter in Raleigh and leaving me alone for a week or so. Of course, the plan is to fully document my adventures on “LearnWithMeNow.”

3 thoughts on “Do You Want to Vote?

  1. On our trip through the Canadian West in ’09, the year Ralph first retired, we flew first to Winnipeg. We were privileged to spend 5 days with missionary friends in Winnipeg there who had never been visited by supporters before (Native American writing missionary). On to Edmonton by ViaRail, the Canandian train system on a sleeper with a car with magnificent view and a dining car meeting neat people every meal. Picked up by a missionary friend there who usually stays with us when in NYS and went to his home for a week. He graciously took us to Lake Louise and Baniff and on the last day of our trip drove us to Jackson by way of one of the glaciers. We took a tourist train there for a two day trip to Vancouver. We liked the Via Rail the best of our rail excursions. We rented a car in Vancouver for several days, took a bus from there to Seattle (rented a car there) and flew home.

    If you would like to know more or see any of our travelogue, we’d love to share post Easter and pre baby birth.

  2. I vote for flying out to any of the locations you mentioned and renting an RV for further travel. We did it twice and loved every bit of it. Having an RV when you visit National Parks is great because you have the same bed every night and can have your own meals and snacks when there is not much available without driving for miles. Renting an RV is not as expensive as it sounds initially for the savings on motels and meals. We did one trip in California for two weeks, staying in motels and eating out all the time – I got so tired of a different motel each night and searching for a place to have 3 meals a day – much nicer to carry your house with you!

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