A Decision

Well, it looks like we’ve figured out how and where to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We are better than probably most people at looking at every angle and talking ourselves and each other into and out of things.


Me: So, where shall we go for our anniversary?

Her: You really want to go to Lake Louise. Let’s go to Lake Louise.

Me: But the main things to do there are hiking and driving in the mountains. You don’t like hiking, and you get nervous on mountain passes.

Her: I do hate hiking. I won’t go on any hikes.

Me: And you hate mountain driving. Lake Louise is in the mountains.

Her: Are there any of those horrible switchbacks and roads on the side of cliffs?

Me: I would think so. It’s the mountains.

Her: I can hide in the back of the motorhome when you’re driving on those roads.

Me: I think we should go somewhere else.


The next day:

Me: So, where shall we go for our anniversary?

Her: Maybe we should do that Alaska cruise.

Me: We already ruled that out. With the passport situation, we’d have to fly to Seattle or Anchorage. Seattle isn’t the nicest port to cruise from, and the flights to Anchorage are expensive.

Her: I never did think we were “cruise people” anyway.



The next day:

Me: So, where shall we go for our anniversary?

Her: I’m too busy to talk about that right now.

Me: When can we talk about it? We need to make a decision. We need reservations for things before they’re all taken.

Her: Maybe after I finish a couple more hours of grading.


In any event, somehow, we reached a decision. We decided that a cruise really didn’t make the most sense for us. I imagined me walking on a treadmill for exercise on a cruise ship. When I go on vacation I typically take 5 or 10 mile hikes. A treadmill on a ship for exercise??


We almost decided to drive to Calgary and rent a motorhome for touring around the Canadian National Parks. We found a perfect little motorhome to rent, which was available and reasonably priced. We came up with an itinerary that looked good. Then we asked ourselves the question.


What question? This question: “If this turned out to be our last trip ever, and we were looking back on it 10 years from now, what trip would likely leave us with no regrets?”


I know, it sounds like a horrible question to think about, but it is a useful question. It clarified our thinking. It helped us to realize that we really did want to go to Alaska. So, I found us a good price on a motorhome rental, we were able to grab some airline tickets, and …. we’re going to Alaska!!!


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