What About Generosity?


Someone I know and love was planning a vacation in Mexico last year. The night before the trip she discovered that her passport had expired. Seriously. She and her husband had had the foresight to purchase travel insurance, so they were able to redeem the situation, re-do their plans, and enjoy a substitute vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Earlier this year, this same person was planning to fly north to spend time with family. Sickness caused her to have to cancel those plans. Again, she had travel insurance and was able to escape financial harm. A couple weeks ago when I first began to talk with a travel agent about our plans, I asked her what a travel agent could do for me. She mentioned a number of things, one of which was travel insurance.


Well, I think you know where this is going. I had never considered buying travel insurance before last fall. When we went to Florida to visit my parents in December, I checked the box at the bottom of the airline ticket purchase, and spent the extra $30 to protect our investment. It just seemed reasonable.


Now, we’re having to put a fair amount of cash as downpayments on this Alaska journey. How do you get travel insurance when you’re purchasing separate things from different vendors? It’s not just a simple matter of checking the box at the bottom of a purchase form.


Did you know that there are companies that sell travel insurance policies to cover purchases from multiple vendors? Our travel agent taught me this, and for that I am grateful. My brother-in-law suggested that we consult a travel agent about our Alaska trip, and for that I am grateful.


A lot of the things we learn, we learn because of the generosity of others.


One thought on “What About Generosity?

  1. We have purchased travel insurance on most of the trips we have taken, especially as we have gotten older – we are very aware that illness is always a possibility plus a multitude of other things that can happen to interfere with a trip. The cruise we took this year was planned and purchased almost a year in advance and I was a leap of faith for us to do that. We were blessed that we were able to go and all went well.

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