End of Road; Beginning of Road

Dateline: June 20, 2014 – (Evening)


After we arrived in the Anchorage airport, things happened pretty quickly. I regret, now, that we were so focused on getting through there and getting to our final destination (ABC Motorhomes). I rented a cart to move our luggage (seemed necessary), but then found that we only had to move it a few hundred feet to the taxi stand. As I left it there, it occurred to me that someone else (could have been me) might just “borrow” it for his own use (for free). Oh well. Live and learn.


Another thing that I didn’t think enough about was food. We had had a big breakfast in Chicago at about 8:00 AM (our time). We had had a sandwich at about 5:00 PM (our time) in Seattle. But there really wasn’t any food at all on the plane. American has stopped offering even those free peanuts, or pretzels, or cookies (really??). By the time we were at our motorhome (11:00 PM our time), I was getting hungry, and Urban Spoon was showing NOTHING nearby. Since we were arriving after-hours, we were given access to the RV we’re renting, so we could spend the night in it in the parking lot. But they don’t give you the keys to the ignition until the following morning when you process all the final paperwork. So we were pretty much stuck. After traveling over 4000 miles, we had only our legs to rely on to find some food. And, as I say, there were no options. It would have been nice to have even a candy bar or granola bar packed in our luggage somewhere. Nothing. I did take a little walk around and found a Chinese take out next door. (Urban Spoon thought it was a 20-minute walk!) So a bit of chicken fried rice had to suffice.



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