Memorable Events

Dateline: June 20, 2014 (mid-day)

Have you ever noticed that when everything is going according to plan on a trip, it makes for boring stories? The things that make travel memorable are often the problems that arise in the journey. Don’t you agree? Who tells stories about the “normal” trip events at the next family gathering? On the other hand, when things go surprisingly well, when unexpected delights cross your path, those things become the fodder for family stories as well.

As I was killing time in O’Hare, playing my guitar – strictly for my own enjoyment – I began to notice this well-dressed gentleman paying close attention to my music. At first he was just looking my way. Then I noticed his feet tapping, then he was moving a bit to the beat. After about 20 minutes of this, he eventually came over and introduced himself. Turns out he’s a booking agent for a small recording studio in Nashville. He liked my sound, he said. He thought maybe he could get me an audition, he said. He thought there was a market for my type of music, he said. Could I stop by next week, he asked.

I explained that we were just beginning our nearly two-week adventure to Alaska to celebrate our 40th anniversary, and it would not be possible to “stop by” next week. Ah well. At least I have a good story to tell.

Truth is, I have a long history of writing fictional anecdotes when I am traveling. In the past, some of my best fiction found its way onto the backs of travel postcards. I think my parents may have a collection of them that they’ve kept over the years. Travel postcards are not totally a thing of the past, but this blog is my new way of sharing my travel adventures. But remember – not everything you read is 100% certified truth. You’ll have to figure out for yourself the parts that are and the parts that are not. Have fun!


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