We’re 30%-ers!

Dateline: June 22, 2014


It almost feels like there are not adequate words to describe this place. However, I tend to take issue with writers who say something like “words are inadequate to describe the scene Jim saw.” Well, writers, its your job to find the words. So I cannot let myself slack off in that way.


We began our day with a walk on a trail named “Mountain Vista Trail.” Sounds promising, right? Well, the trail lived up to its promise! From the very beginning we had views of Denali in all its whiteness. At first, and for quite a while we didn’t even realize that it was Denali that we were looking at. We knew it was a BIG, white mountain, but I was a little disoriented. I thought Denali was in a different direction!


We loved the walk, and we saw our first braided river: The Savage River, after which our campground is named.

Savage River

We also found a ranger’s box of pelts and antlers that we were very interested to explore.


We took the bus down to the Denali Visitor’s Center, saw the sled dogs, and saw a lot of “The Mountain” on our busride back to the campground. Everyone is all over this Mountain thing. We were told that only about 30% of the people who come here actually get to see The Mountain. Well today it was “out” all day in all its glory, and we saw it many, many times. But there are a lot of other mountains here! The place is full of them. And they are no slouches, either. Lots of them have snow on top. The land is basically wide open, with views that open out to miles and miles in every direction. I am not a photographer, so I can allow myself to say that no photograph could possibly do justice to the scenery.

Braided River



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