New Specs

It’s been a number of years since I replaced my glasses. I’m no expert in glasses, because for about 70% of my life I didn’t need them. A few days ago I dropped my glasses into a rocky area, and they came back up with major scratches. So, it was time. I booked an appointment with the place I last got glasses. Surprise #1 came when I was being checked in and I was told that my health insurance now provides absolutely no help with glasses. This is new. I know that all the previous times I got glasses, I got a hefty discount. I was also surprised that the cost of an eye exam had about doubled since the last time. Ah well. What’s money for? After the eye exam, I narrowed the frames down to two choices: a geeky, plastic-y pair that seems to be coming back into style now, and a totally rimless pair that I’ve always thought I’d like.

geekglasses  rimlessglasses


The employees of the store weren’t really helpful, even though I asked their opinions, so I randomly opted for the geeky pair. Until I saw the final price. The bottom line, with eye exam, was going to set me back about twice as much as I was prepared to pay. So, I left with my prescription and no new glasses.

I decided to swallow my pride and give Walmart a try. The Walmart in our town has a vision center, so I headed in to check them out.


They had a nice selection, and I again narrowed my choices down to a geeky, plastic-y frame or a rimless design. When I asked the optometrist for her opinion, she was quite clear that the geeky pair was not the best choice. (Interesting that the two gentlemen in the other place hadn’t been upfront about that.) So we priced up the rimless design, and I was delighted to find that I would be saving over $200 by shopping here. Plus, the service was excellent, and that lady optometrist was extremely helpful. So, in another week or so you’ll see me wearing my new glasses, and you’ll probably not even notice them. Thank you Walmart!

2 thoughts on “New Specs

  1. Jim, Thanks for the research. I was just in the local eye care center as a notepad disappeared yesterday. As usual they were gracious about fixing it at no charge even though I purchased my frames elsewhere. I priced frames as I have a late August appointment and will probably be needing new frames and lenses at that point. The frames start at close to $200, maybe a few less than that but as I was learning from conversation only as my glasses to observe price tags was not an option. I appreciate knowing to check out Walmart. The woman told me that some even but frames on the internet and bring them there for installation of lenses. That’s my research for today.

  2. Dad, talk to bee and tom. They both ordered free frames from someplace online. Also, I wish you had a picture of you in the geeky ones!

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