What Do You Notice?

Have you ever noticed that when you develop a new interest in something, whether it’s researching new tires for your car, or exploring something as a new hobby, you start noticing things about that new interest wherever you go? If you’re buying tires, suddenly you’re paying attention to everyone’s tires. If you become a woodcarver, suddenly you’re looking at every scrap of wood as a potential project. It’s kind of an interesting thing.

Having become interested in birds, as a result of my new feeder at home, I have a heightened interest in the birds I’m seeing on the Gulf coast in Florida this week. I was especially interested in this bird that has a bright red-orange band on its beak:


Evidently this is a bird called a “Skimmer.” It’s really striking, due to its orange stripe. They seem to hang out with these Sandpipers:


It makes me curious about what other birds and wildlife we might see while we’re here.

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