Music Notes Vector Illustration

This morning my left hearing aid played me a nice little 4-note song. I wasn’t sure why it did that. It interfaces with my iPhone, so I wondered if it meant that someone had sent me a text. Up to then I hadn’t received any texts, so I didn’t know what it did to alert me to texts. I was driving at the time of this nice little alert song, so I had to wait until I got to work to check my phone for texts. When I got there, I checked, but there were no texts. Then I noticed that the left hearing aid wasn’t working. I realized then that the alert song was probably warning me that a battery was about to die. The audiologist had given me a number of extra batteries, but they were all at home. So…. wonderful…. I had a whole day to look forward to with only one working hearing aid. Then, a few minutes later the right one gave its lovely little song. Now I had no hearing aids and a whole day ahead of me. I was surprised at how disappointed I was. I guess these little guys have become my friends in a very short amount of time. I guess I will make sure to keep fresh batteries with me all the time now.