One of the things I learned last year while on Sabbatical is that there is a lot of learning that can be done when you travel, and in particular, when you visit museums and art galleries. That finding fits our lifestyle really well, because we love to do those things whenever possible. A few years ago we discovered that there were more museums and art galleries in Cleveland than we were able to see in a weekend, so today we headed off to Cleveland to see what we could learn. Thanks to Hotwire, we got a great deal on a “boutique” hotel right on University Circle. This put us within walking distance of several interesting places including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, the Western Reserve Historical Society, and more. On the way down to Cleveland we visited some Lake Erie wineries in the area of Northeast, PA, and we had a fine lunch at a little restaurant (the Freeport Restaurant) within a stone’s throw of Lake Erie.

So… wait for it… I’ll be reporting on the things I learn from looking at art and studying historical stuff for the next couple of days. Who knows, there may even be a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We’ll see!

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