History, Sweetness, Beauty, and Soul – All in One Day

We continued our visit to Cleveland today. Our hotel’s concierge, James, had recommended a visit to the Lakeview Cemetery which is very close-by. After that, we drove to the biggest candy store in the U.S.A., the B. A. Sweetie Candy Company, and then we spent the afternoon browsing the collections at the Cleveland Museum of Art. What a full day!

The Lakeview Cemetery is where anyone who was anyone in Cleveland is buried. The centerpiece is a massive monument to President James A. Garfield. Garfield was born near Cleveland, which is why he is buried here. I had forgotten that he only served as President for four months before being assassinated. What a tragedy. He was only 49 when he died. Also in Lakeview Cemetery is a chapel, the Wade Chapel, with one of the largest Tiffany stained glass windows. Unfortunately, we had to limit our view of this window to an outside view, because this time of year the chapel is closed. Another famous person’s grave that we saw was the grave of Eliot Ness, famous for his courageous work against organized crime in Chicago.

The B. A. Sweetie Candy Company? If you found yourself within a short drive of the place that bills itself as the largest candy store in the U.S.A., wouldn’t you visit it? Of course you would! Admit it!


It’s essentially a candy warehouse, with just about every known kind of candy imaginable. You can buy in bulk, if you like. I expected discounted prices in a place like this, but I was disappointed in that regard.

The best part of the day was our return to the Cleveland Museum of Art. This place is just so huge, and free, and full of so many diverse works of art. On Friday evening we spent our time on the Impressionist paintings and the European and American painters that followed after the Impressionists. Today we ranged far and wide, and saw art from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. We saw lots of Christian European art. We saw Islamic art. We saw Tiffany stained glass and Faberge eggs. We saw a great collection of Frederic Church’s landscape paintings. I think Church was a part of the Hudson art movement that we learned about last spring on our visit to Albany, NY. His landscape paintings, and in particular his paintings of sunsets, are amazing.

We ended this very full day by having dinner at a great “soul-food” restaurant in Cleveland’s Shaker Square neighborhood. The place was Zanzibar’s, and I highly recommend it.


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