Old Things

Over the weekend the weather had been warm and wet. Uncharacteristic for Cleveland in January, it had been in the 50’s (F) with a hard rain on Saturday, and still warm-ish on Sunday. But overnight, reality returned, and we awoke to find frigid temperatures, a driving wind, along with a fresh coating of snow. The forecast was for this to continue, and for lake effect snow to kick in. Since most of our drive home is along the shore of Lake Erie, we took this forecast fairly seriously. We decided to only stay for the morning and do our drive home during the daylight hours in the afternoon.

Before heading for home, however, we had to visit the West Side Market. (See my December 5 post for a similar conversation between me and the Mrs. about another thing we “had” to do.) The West Side Market is a really interesting “old world” sort of public market with vendors selling all sorts of meats, baked goods, groceries, and fresh produce. On this Monday morning it wasn’t very busy, and let’s face it, the busy-ness of a place like this is a good deal of what makes it interesting. After browsing many of the vendors and picking up a few bargains, we headed for our next destination.


E had read about a small medical history museum connected with Case Western Reserve University, so we set out to find it and explore it. This is the Dittrick Medical History Center. We have a daughter who is a Physician Assistant, so we are interested in things pertaining to the medical field. She probably would have really enjoyed this museum. It is small and free. There are a number of interesting displays with lots of old medical devices on display. I was particularly interested in a huge range of old stethoscopes. I was surprised to learn that the original stethoscopes were developed in an effort to allow doctors (almost always male) to maintain proper decorum as they listened to the breathing and heartbeats of their female patients. Before the stethoscope, doctors listened by placing their ear directly on the patient’s chest.

Also in this museum is a fairly extensive display that tells a history of contraception. That’s a fairly unique museum display, and it gave a lot of information that probably isn’t easily available elsewhere.

We headed for home starting at about 1:00PM, and we ran into some fairly serious bands of lake effect snow along the way. Our iPhones were helpful as we located the most serious snow bands by looking at the weather radar, and we were able to take an alternate route to avoid the worst of them. It did take quite a bit longer to get home, but we ended our trip to Cleveland safely at about 8:00PM.


4 thoughts on “Old Things

  1. Thanks, Jim, for your blogging. I do enjoy it. I never investigated Cleveland and unaware of the neat museums. ~ ~ Shirley

  2. Hey there.. your pic of the west side market caught my eye.. two years ago we took my step daughter on a trip to ohio.. the draw for was the rock and roll hall of fame.. but we were directed to the market and really enjoyed our time there.. sounds like you had a fun trip to the city! jt ( compac forum )

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