I Hear You!

I’m beginning to learn what I’ve been missing lately. You see, today I was outfitted with hearing aids. That’s right. In spite of my youthfulness, I have some noticeable hearing loss. I attribute it to the fact that I mistreated my hearing as a young person. I was a rock musician for a few years, and I worked with power tools for several years. I never made any efforts to protect my ears. For the past few years I’ve become increasingly aware that I wasn’t hearing everything clearly. I’m far from deaf, and I wouldn’t describe myself as “hard of hearing.” But there are some frequencies that I can’t distinguish, and in noisy rooms everything is garbled. In some classrooms it is very difficult for me to hear my students’ comments and questions. That’s unacceptable. So, for a couple of years we’ve been socking money away in our Health Savings Account (hearing aids aren’t covered by our health insurance), and today I became a bionic man.

Here’s a new twist on a selfie:


I don’t really care if it’s “noticeable” or not. If it helps me hear better, I’m all for it.

Here are some cool things: they’re designed to interact with my iPhone. That means I can take phone calls through the hearing aids, I can listen to music through them, and I may be able to make adjustments using the iPhone.

As I learn more about life as a person with hearing aids, I’ll keep you informed.



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