The Learning Curve

Today I was making a presentation to a group of about 20 professors in a classroom that is equipped with a lot of the “latest and greatest” educational technology. Now bear in mind that I am in a who-knows-how-long period of “adjustment” as my brain learns to adapt to the hearing aids.

The sound I hear now has a very electronic quality to it. Also, of course, everything is louder than normal.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.47.07 AM

So here I was, making this presentation, and one of the professors raises her hand and tells me she’s having a hard time hearing me. She asks me to use the microphone system that this room is equipped with. What this means is, she is asking me to wear a tiny microphone around my neck, which will amplify my voice in the room. (Later it occurred to me to wonder if I was talking more quietly than I ordinarily would in a classroom setting, since my own voice seemed much louder to me due to the hearing aids.)

So, now, there I was, hearing everything through an electronic filter, and my own voice was coming to me electronically amplified by the room’s technology. I truly felt that I had lost a bit of my humanity. Meanwhile, something was wrong with the left hearing aid, and periodically it would make a chirping noise. About once every second.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.48.22 AM

While all of this was going on, some of the material I was presenting to the group was being received less-than-enthusiastically. I had to explain and defend my interpretation of some data.

All in all this was a fairly unpleasant learning experience. I hope things get better fairly soon.

One thought on “The Learning Curve

  1. oh boy! I can relate to that. Everything is now being amplified and background noises are annoying too. The sound quality can certainly be adjusted. I complained about that to my audiologist and she made some changes until the sound of my own voice became normal. I can’t speak for the wearable mike. Ask the audiologist if a hand held mike would be more suitable with hearing aids. I sympathize with you on all of this but persistance will pay off. Also , a close relationship with the audiologist and not settling for less than comfortable hearing. Good luck!

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