Packin’ for Pickin’

Back in about 2006 or so I discovered a book in our local library called Blue Ridge Music Trails, by Fred Fussell.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 7.39.33 AM

It was a fascinating read about the history and present-day presentation of old-time Appalachian music. In July 2007 we took a driving tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway and tried to find a number of the venues that were described in the book. Along the way we discovered something called the “Crooked Road.” This is an organization of old-time music venues and museums in southwestern Virginia. Again – fascinating stuff!


Back in ’07 we went to one or two of the venues on the Crooked Road, but we didn’t begin to do it justice. It’s time to go back!


Besides, we needed an excuse to put that new 4Runner through some of its paces.

Stay tuned as we document this new learning experience on the Crooked Road!