A Sabbath Rest from Music

Instead of music, today’s focus was on rest, relaxation, and nature. Mostly. There is a very fine swimming pool here at this campground, and our plan was to spend some time there before heading out on an afternoon canoe trip that we had booked. Before we could get to the pool, however, an event stood in the way. A neighboring camper was attempting to fold down his popup camper and was clearly having trouble. The roof was all akimbo, and he was getting frustrated. I have a small toolkit, so I went and asked if an extra pair of hands or some tools would be helpful. Well, about an hour later, he still was unable to get his roof down, we were both filthy, and he was ready to abandon his camper and donate it to a charity. Some things don’t end well.

We did get to the pool with about an hour and a half to spend there before our canoe trip. I took a quick dip to cool off, but before Elaine could do the same, the lifeguards closed the pool with no explanation. Rumor was that there was a problem with the chlorine. Soon they announced that it would be closed for an hour. That would bring us just about to the end of our available time. Oh well. Could be worse.

Then, for the rest of the afternoon, we headed upstream in a bus and hopped in canoes for a 5.5 mile paddle down the Clinch River. Elaine was a little unhappy when the guide informed us that there would be rapids. But it turns out that my 50 years of experience as a canoe-er were adequate to get us through them without too much anxiety. It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.37.12 AM


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