The Long Road Home

Dateline: July 1, 2014


Before we left Susitna Sunsets B&B, Del Ann took a picture of the two of us.

eduJamesE + His Bride at Susitna Sunsets B&B

eduJamesE + His Bride at Susitna Sunsets B&B

Then, it was déjà vu all over again. We had a little time to ourselves before we had to return the rental car, so we decided to return to Potter’s Marsh, which we enjoyed thoroughly on our drive to Seward a few days ago. After a great breakfast with the Longs at the B&B, we headed for the marsh. Again it was peacefully lovely, and E located her ninth and tenth bald eagles hiding near the top of a tree. I saw a little bird that I hadn’t ever seen before. (My camcorder has an incredible zoom!)



We headed back toward town with what we thought was plenty of time. We had to fill the rental car with gasoline, of course, so that meant that we had to go off-google maps to find a gas station. With a couple of mis-steps and the incredibly long traffic lights in Anchorage, we got to the rental agency a bit later than 11:00. There were no late charges, however, as the folks at the agency were a bit discombobulated in their return lanes. Eventually we got on their free airport shuttle and found ourselves on the way to the airport.

ANC airport

At the airport we had our hands full moving (2) 50-lb duffle bags, a carry-on suitcase, a guitar, a briefcase, a lunch bag, and a carry-on tote bag. I was distressed to learn that we were too early to check our luggage. (We were over 4 hours early.) It’s bad enough to have to spend all that time in an airport, but to not be able to check your bags made it even worse. We made the best of the situation, however, and planted ourselves at the area where people were greeting arriving passengers. We enjoyed quite a bit of people watching. Eventually we checked in, waited some more, and got on our plane to Seattle. The flight revealed ever more Alaska and Canada mountains. We’ve seen more snow-covered mountains on this trip than in our whole lives up to this point. It was remarkable scenery!


After a 2-hour layover in Seattle, we got on an overnight flight bound for Chicago, and then from there, on toward home. What a memorable trip this has been!!