Teaching the Children

I’m finding myself very interested in books for children and young people that tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement. In our various visits to museums, we always stop and see what they have in the museum store. I’ve been finding some, but not many, children’s books that address various aspects of the movement.

Here’s one that I liked:


It’s beautifully illustrated, and it shows well the two perspectives of speech and music and their role in the movement. I’ve found that Andrea Davis Pinkney seems to be a leading author of civil rights books for children.

Here’s another:


It tells the story of the Greensboro lunchcounter sit-in in a way that is informative for children, but not frightening. That to me is a key issue for children’s books on this topic. It’s important to inform children, with compassion, but without creating fear or bitterness. Not an easy task for an author. I like the way Carole Boston Weatherford did this, and the illustrations by Jerome Lagarrigue are awesome.