“If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi Berra

Writing “Learn with me Now” has been a tremendously rich experience in a number of ways. During the two-plus years that I have been writing, I have seen the world through new eyes. I have found that writing allows me to see things that I would not have otherwise seen. I have used my writing to introduce myself to strangers in order to find something about their story that I could write about. I have looked at my travels through the eyes of my readers so that I could more effectively describe the places and experiences of my travels. One thing that I have not done as effectively as I would have liked is to write about my spiritual journey and faith discoveries. For some reason, I have felt that those aspects of my learning are not as interesting to my audience. The concept of audience is a phenomenon that I have pondered and considered from various perspectives. In some ways the writing must be aimed at a particular audience, but in some ways the audience can grow, develop, and form around the content of the writing. It’s a very interesting and provocative concept to me.

So, after two years of “Learn with me Now,” I’ve decided that it is time for some changes. The original idea of writing what I am learning has evolved tremendously. I have found that the easiest and most enjoyable writing that I do is travel writing. I have found that the area of writing that I would most like to develop is spiritual, faith-journey writing. Since these are two distinctly different types of writing, I will stop writing “Learn With Me Now,” and I will begin writing two different blogs. One will be a reflective, introspective piece about my faith journey. The other will be a travel blog. I suppose you could say that “Learn with Me” will be replaced by “Walk with Me” and “Travel with Me.” The faith journey blog will be primarily the questions and thoughts that I think are worth sharing as I continue to try to understand and live a Biblically-integrated life that is faithful to the calling of Jesus Christ. The travel blog will be my descriptions of the places and people I find as I explore places away from my home. I suspect that there will be more frequent posts in the faith-journey blog than in the travel blog, but I can’t say for sure. I think that I will find it easier to write two different blogs, because the audience considerations for each are distinct. Clearly the two areas and two audiences may have significant overlap, but this overlap does not lessen the fact that they are distinct.

So, watch for it. When I launch each of these new blogs I will announce them here and provide links to them.

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